Walking Dead Video Game: Episode One Impressions

Pretty much everyone I know loves The Walking Dead television series.  We’re all having a serious case of zombie withdrawal because of the mid-season finale.  (Who came up with the idea of an mid-season finale anyway?  It sucks.)  Luckily, I just picked up The Walking Dead video game and activated it on Steam.  <–Love the Steam PC gaming service, btw!

Anyway, I’m sure the game will be beaten fairly quickly and take me away from working on my next book as much as I should be.  Afterwards, I’ll be jonesing for more zombie mayhem.

Tonight, I finished “Episode One” and I thought I’d give my impressions of the game so far.  This game improves upon the adventure game genre.  I’ve loved these types of games, including Grim Fandango and King’s Quest, since my first computer.  I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate suspense and urgency in this game.  There were time limits on my choices and responses.  I had to act quickly as if I were actually in a zombie apocolypse.

This game coincides with the timeline of the television series, but follows a different set of survivors.  Though, you do encounter some old “friends” from the show.  The characters are realistic, the voice acting is well done, and the dialogue is interesting.

Graphics are cel-shaded which works great for a story that was based on a comic book series.

Controls are smooth and easy to learn.  I’m pretty sure even non-gamers who are fans of The Walking Dead could pick up this game and enjoy it without too much difficulty.

The game autosaves often which means mistakes don’t have you replaying from a checkpoint that was a long time back.

I’m already immersed in the world.  It’s atmospheric.  There are zombies.  I can’t wait to play more.

I did notice that sometimes the subtitles were a bit wonky and at one point one of my fellow survivors had the camera angled at her in a way that made her head look huge.  You spend a lot of time talking to people and looking for items in this game, as with all adventure games.  Fans of these types of games will no doubt love The Walking Dead, others may grow a bit impatient.

This game was released in “Episodes,” but luckily all five parts are out now.  When you buy the game you get all five episodes.  I’ll give my impressions of the later episodes when I get through them.


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