Vampire’s Eve is free February 25 and 26!

Get your copy for free!  Thanks for the support. Vampire’s Eve (Vamp Life #1)


Book one in the Vamp Life series.

Book one in the Vamp Life series.

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New cover for Expecting Eternity, Vamp Life 2!
















Expecting Eternity (Vamp Life #2)

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Indie Book Festival Valentine’s Day Sale!

The Valentine’s DayE-Book SaleToday’s hottest ebooks are on sale under $5 from Feb 14-16 only!

Mystery, romance, young adult – there’s something for everyone …

… including the chance to win 1 of 4 $25 Amazon gift cards!

Check out the Indie Book Festival’s Valentine E-book Sale!

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New Release! Vampire Takeover

My latest book is now available for purchase for the Amazon Kindle!  It is a paranormal dystopian with romance.  Thanks!


The end of the world didn’t come from a nuke bomb or natural disaster. Society’s downfall came from ruthless and bloodthirsty vampires.

Survival became priority number one.

Preston Mitchell is fighting to survive after the loss of his family. He is coming of age in a world ruled by evil night creatures.

A chance encounter brings him to Darcy Rose and her family farm. She is also a teen living on her own. Because of her, Preston learns the true meaning of determination, love, and what it takes to be a man.
Vampire Takeover -US link -UK link

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Post Christmas Game Recommendations 2012

This holiday season I have picked up several great games due to the sales.  I thought I’d list my favorite picks and a little about them. These are all PC recommendations.

Scribblenauts Unlimited :  I had been wanting this game since it was announced for computer since I am primarily a PC gamer.  It is great for all ages since it is fun and can be a bit educational.  The simple graphics style makes it a good option even if your computer isn’t a high end rig.  The goal of the game is to create objects and adjectives by typing in words to solve the issues in the world.  A simple concept, but ceaselessly enjoyable.  The more creatively the puzzles are solved, the more amusement gotten in return.  My boyfriend and I both bought the game and we are always asking, “What did you do?” Just to compare and see how the other’s brain works.

LEGO Lord of the Rings: This game was released at the perfect time for me. Since I had just recently watch The Hobbit, I was in the mood for some more Lord of the Rings. The game follows the entire LotR Trilogy and it is incredibly cute. If you have played a Lego game before you know what to expect. This one is my favorite to date because it is LotR. It is also a good looking game and atmospheric. Very easy on the eyes. I would not recommended playing with a keyboard unless you rebind a lot of keys. The default layout is odd. (J for jump? No, thanks.) Just plug in a controller and you’re good to go.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare:  Chivalry is a surprise.  A game with no campaign and first person melee multiplayer?  I was very skeptical.  Not my genre or my usual preference.  In short, though, it rocks.  It’s not about who gets the jump on the other person.  Real skill is involved.  Classes, blocking, attacks, and accuracy.  There are a ton of game modes as well.  I would highly recommended this game to anyone who needs a break from Call of Duty and is looking for some new, fun multiplayer action.  Plus, you can chop heads and limbs off.  That’s gory good fun.

The Secret World :  I have played pretty much every MMO out there, including this one back when it was released.  It held me for about a month.  I liked it, but not enough to justify playing longer than the free 30 days.  Recently, the game has dropped the subscription fee unless you want to pay it for minor perks like item store discounts.  They adopted a Guild Wars type free model, not a pay-to-win.  It the model of a new era of MMO.  (Thank you Guild Wars!)  I think the best thing about the game is the setting.  Every MMORPG out there is set in traditional fantasy, but this one is modern times with a twist!

The game is not without issues, but it is fun and challenging at times.  If you run into a lot of hitching and lag, play it on DirectX 9 instead of 11.  It isn’t optimized for 11.

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Vampire’s Eve is free December 21 and 22!

The first book in my Vamp Life series is free for the last time this year!  Pick up Vampire’s Eve today.

Book 1 in the Vamp Life series

Book 1 in the Vamp Life series

If you enjoy book one, don’t forget to check out the rest of my paranormal romance series including the new release Fangs of Fate!

Book 2 in the Vamp Life series

Book 2 in the Vamp Life series 

Book 3 in the Vamp Life series

Book 3 in the Vamp Life series


Book 4 in the Vamp Life series

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The Hobbit!

Today was the day we ended our long, unintended streak of not going to the movie theater.  It has probably been about four years since I went to the movies.  The last time I went was either to watch The Dark Knight or one of the older Harry Potter movies.

I like going, but I do not like the price.  I also prefer the comfort of home.  I paid for a ticket, but there was no way I was going to let them price gouge me on popcorn.  For what a large bag of popcorn and drink would have cost, we were able to get two footlong subs, a small bag of chips, and a drink at Subway.  I have a popcorn popper at home and I know how cheap popcorn is!  *shakes fist in anger*

Anyway, The Hobbit was plenty of incentive to get me to the movies.  I had seen all the Lord of the Rings films in theater and I wasn’t about to break a tradition that started when I was in high school.

The movie was exactly what I was expecting and I wasn’t disappointed.  The acting, storyline, and special effects were great.  We don’t have an Imax close so that wasn’t an option for us.  We opted not to see the movie in 3d because it didn’t really appeal to us.  I don’t think the movie was quite as good as The Fellowship of the Ring.  There were just too many memorable characters and we had never seen a movie quite like it before.  I’m looking forward to seeing the next two films and I am remembering exactly how much it sucks to have to wait for the completion of a series!

There is just something about watching the world created by J.R.R Tolkien on screen.  I’m just glad it’s always done well because the books deserve no less.  It is amazing what a wonderful author he was.  His world comes to life because when he wrote he made it a living, breathing world.  They’re not just characters, they’re people you care and want to learn more about.

So, from a person who never goes to the movies, this one is worth it.  No way I was waiting months to see it on Blu-Ray!  Radagast is awesome so that would have been enough reason for me.

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