Vampire Takeover

Vampire Takeover

Book 1 in the Vampire Takeover series.

The end of the world didn’t come from a nuke bomb or natural disaster. Society’s downfall came from ruthless and bloodthirsty vampires. 

Survival became priority number one. 

Preston Mitchell is fighting to survive after the loss of his family. He is coming of age in a world ruled by evil night creatures. 

A chance encounter brings him to Darcy Rose and her family farm. She is also a teen living on her own. Because of her, Preston learns the true meaning of determination, love, and what it takes to be a man.




Book two in the Vampire Takeover series.

Book 2 in the Vampire Takeover series.

Marion Mitchell has lost nearly everything important in her life because of the Vampire Takeover. One person keeps her going, her daughter, Lindsey. 

The disappearance of her husband and son broke her heart. She doesn’t believe they’ll ever return. She longs to give up, but has managed to stay strong for the last member of her family. 

A surprise visitor turns life around. He has a plan. This plan is dangerous. It could get them all killed. Is the risk worth it? And is this stranger everything he claims to be? 

Find out in the second installment of the post-apocalyptic series Vampire Takeover.


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