New Release: Apocalyptic Heart (Vampire Takeover, #2)


Click to buy on Amazon!

Click to buy on Amazon!

Marion Mitchell has lost nearly everything important in her life because of the Vampire Takeover. One person keeps her going, her daughter, Lindsey. 

The disappearance of her husband and son broke her heart. She doesn’t believe they’ll ever return. She longs to give up, but has managed to stay strong for the last member of her family. 

A surprise visitor turns life around. He has a plan. This plan is dangerous. It could get them all killed. Is the risk worth it? And is this stranger everything he claims to be? 

Find out in the second installment of the post-apocalyptic series Vampire Takeover.

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Interview with Preston and Darcy from Vampire Takeover. (Potential spoilers if you haven’t read book one!)

Vampire Takeover

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This interview is with Preston and Darcy from my vampire apocalypse book Vampire Takeover. It takes place a couple of years after book one. Book two following another group of survivors is due out late April/early May 2014 so keep an eye out! The books focus on survival in a world taken over by vampires. There are also elements of romance and the importance of family in both books.

Also, thank you to the fans that submitted questions!

Copyright 2014 Jez Strider

1. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Our first question is directed at Preston. How is life now after finding Darcy again and returning to the underground base?

Preston: There was an adjustment period considering everything I endured and our time apart, but I can honestly say, despite the condition of the world… most days I’m happy. It’s hard work surviving and taking care of a family, but I think that was true before the Takeover.

2. True. Next one is for Darcy. You fell in love at a young age under harsh circumstances, do you think you would have gotten with Preston if the vampire apocalypse hadn’t happened and you two met casually at the supermarket.

Darcy: I’d like to think so. I mean, I doubt my mother would have let me date him if I’d met him at the age I did. Maybe we’d have found our way into a relationship somehow. He’s not someone easily forgotten.

3. Growing up quickly under the situation you were thrust into had to be difficult. Do you regret anything you had to do to survive?

Preston: That’s a tough one. There are things I wish had gone differently. I wish I could have saved my father. I wish I knew if my mother and sister were safe. I didn’t enjoy the fighting, the killing in the arena. But, I can’t say I regret what I’ve done because if I hadn’t done these things, I probably wouldn’t have Darcy or Hope. Everything I have had to do was worth it for them.

4. Stepping away from the serious, what is your favorite apocalypse hobby?

Preston: That’s easy. Reading to my wife and daughter.

Darcy: I agree. It’s more than a hobby. Reading time is a bond we all share.

5. Anymore children planned for the future?

Darcy: Umm, well, I mean it is likely considering the lack of contraceptives available.

Preston: If it’s another girl, I’m heading back to the arena. Hope is a handful. *He laughs when Darcy jabs him in the ribs.*

6. Speaking of Hope, what are the challenges of raising a child in the world now?

Preston: I think it’s easier for her than it was for us. This is the only world she’s ever known.

Darcy: She’s an active and happy child. I worry for when she gets older. There’s not much choice on how to live your life. You hide, you survive.

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New Release: A Forbidden Were. Book 3 in the Dakota Wolves Series.

lycanfinal5Coming of age is a difficult transition for every young man. Add to it the pressure of shifting into a wolf for the first time and having the pack leader as a father, and you have a recipe for a full on meltdown.

Jak Dakota is struggling with these changes when he meets a strange and beautiful shifter in the forest. Trouble is… she’s a panther.

Falling for this girl is against tradition. A union could tear apart the pack and his family. Her life could be in danger because of his selfish desires.

They’ll both have to decide if their friendship is worth the risk and if their hearts want something more.

(Book 3 in the Dakota Wolves Series.)



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Latest Release! New Adult Romance – Lovely.


New Release – Lovely

Farrah Caine is the stereotypical, broke college student… on the surface. Her secrets lie buried and she’d like to keep them that way. Her family believes she ran away, but to her, leaving was the only way to move forward.

Gavyn Valmore shares a World History class with Farrah. To him, she’s anything but normal. She’s definitely his type. From the way she looks, anyway. He’s never talked to her because getting involved with women is at the bottom of his list of priorities.

For two people not looking for love, they fall hard. Unfortunately, they both have secrets that could tear them apart. Sometimes love isn’t enough.


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UK –

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New Release – Dreamcatcher


Book 2 in the Dakota Wolves Series

Brynnara Hanson is a young lycan on the verge of her transition to wolf. She’s the first female to come of age within the Dakota pack in years. Her role in the continuation of the pack is paramount. Falling in love with a human is not allowed.

Taylor Andin has had nothing but bad luck since finding the hidden town of Dakota. When he saves a girl named Brynn from a group of thugs, he begins to fall for her. He’s a man accustomed to getting what he desires, but he quickly learns, he can’t always have what he wants when wolves stand in his way.



US –

UK –

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New Release – Reluctantly Lycan

lycan4The Dakota pack has lived secretly in a town in the Great Smoky Mountains for years. Marala Dakota ran away from the safety of this world as a heartbroken, pregnant teenager. She’s made a life for herself and her son without having anything to do with the wolves.

Seventeen years have passed since that fateful decision. She’s struggling with two jobs and trying to keep the wolf within her at bay as its longing for escape intensifies.

A handsome man named Taylor comes into her life at exactly the wrong time.

Then, her son’s father and leader of the Dakota pack, Kaden, shows up unexpectedly. Old wounds are torn open anew and events are set in motion that will change all of their lives forever.

Link –


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New cover for Vampire Takeover

Updated the cover for Vampire Takeover. I definitely think it’s an improvement over the original. The old one had too much text on the cover and the image was far too dark. I plan on working on a sequel to this book as my next project, so the new cover is helping to keep me inspired and motivated.

Vampire Takeover

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